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Hajj Umrah Package Deals Useful information and Tips

Hajj Umrah packages, best deals from London, UK. Useful information regarding Hajj & Umrah.


10/23/2018 From Overblog

The Spirit Of The Hajj And Its Benefits In The Eye Of Islam

Hajj has its great importance because it includes in the fifth pillar of Islam. While performing Hajj you will...

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09/04/2018 From Overblog

Importance of Arfah Day

The Day of Arafah is an official holiday in almost all the Muslim countries of the world that falls on the ninth...

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08/29/2018 From Overblog

Essence Of Hajj

These days Hajj pilgrims will revel in exceptional easiness and comfort compared to those who perform 20 years...

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08/18/2018 From Overblog

New Umrah Visa Policy for the UK

Rules and requirements for Umrah visa keep on changing and also things keep on varying based on the country and...

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08/11/2018 From Overblog

Health Tips For Hajj 2018 Pilgrims

Pilgrims, when coming for Hajj, are supposed to abide by a variety of guidelines and health tips, by following...

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08/06/2018 From Overblog

What Rituals Of Hajj Reminds Us?

In Arafaat , Arafaat is the symbol of solidarity and unity because it also an important pillar of Hajj that should...

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07/30/2018 From Overblog

What Should You Take When You Go For Hajj?

The basic meaning of Hajj is worship in the Holy city of Mecca. It means you don’t need to bring a lot of luggage...

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07/24/2018 From Overblog

All You Need To Know About The Proper Guideline Of Performing Umrah

Discouragement of Saudi governments: Those who perform Umrah already, the Saudi government discourage their visa,...

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07/20/2018 From Overblog

Some New Policies Regarding Hajj And Umrah Pilgrims

Saudi Arabian ministers have reviewed the preparations which might be being made at the Hajj and Umrah corridor...

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07/07/2018 From Overblog

Some Useful Advices For Hajj And Cheap Hajj Packages

The population of city Makkah becomes three times more during Hajj month and there have been many incidents because...

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